19 thoughts on “1968 Bullitt Mustang Clone

  1. you know I would not have looked at a stock stang until I started lookin into Eleanor. I have come to love the fastback stock or mod. Still would over look some coupes, don’t underestand why some look to cool and some look shocking done the same.
    Like the Bullit big time, nice clean and not over the top.

  2. Cameron,
    First off i’m sorry if i’m posting this in the wrong area, i just stumbled by your site (I always had a fascination with porsches … and only saw gone in 60s for the intro part .. but then …… i fell in love with this car)
    I’ll be watching your progress. Do you have an email address i can send msgs to or and msn address?
    Its great to find someone around our age and living in sydney doing such a great project like this.
    Can i start by asking 1 question. From your experience (time + money + stress) if one was to ask where do i start, would you recommend those dynacorn sheels?
    Also .. how are you feeling atm, any regrets ???
    Cheers Buddy,
    Best of luck ~!

  3. Hey Justin,
    Totally agree mate, Since taking on this project I’ve grown fond of the Fastbacks and i would one day love to restore a stock Fastback. As for coupes and verts, well I’m not overly excited about them, especially coupes, they do nothing for me I’m afraid. Fastbacks all the way 🙂

  4. Hey Gi,
    Thanks for stopping by. I do have an email 67mustangblog@gmail.com 🙂
    To answer your question I would say I don’t have any regrets, I would if I decided not to jump into this project. I know it’s stretching me financially but I know when I come through on the other end it will all be worth it.
    If I was to start one now I would definitely looks at the Dynacorn shells, I know RRS in Sydney will be distributing these soon. So I would wait to see what these releases would be like. It certainly would save a lot of time and money I would say.
    Keep in touch

  5. Cam,
    RRS contacted me a while ago I believe the price will be around $120,000 unpainted and no upholstery straight from the email I was sent

  6. Justin,
    I spoke to RRS yesterday, and they said they were hopeful of getting a more or less turn key dynacorn body mustang for under $70,000.
    might be worth talking to them again for an update.

  7. cheers Aaron,
    that is more likely a better option, would love them to do a kit form so you can put it together a little more yourself and save some more $’s. 70k is still a lot when you could land one in Australia.

  8. Been looking for a Bullitt clone for some time, Does anyone know of one for sale or can put me in touch with a company that could biuld me one?

  9. The fastback is clearly a 1967, not a correct 1968. It looks like really nice work but why build it with the wrong year? The Bullitt is all in the details, and if you start with the wrong year, where do you go from there?

  10. I should hopefully have some more pics of this car soon. As i said i have no idea about the specifics of the car as it’s not mine. Thanks for the tip though 🙂

  11. Very nice. I love the mustang bullitt, I am thinking about getting one but I cannot find any for sale. Where did you get this mustang? or who is building it for you?… If you have any information please reply.

  12. Vasilly, This is another clients of my builder. it has been built this way fro ma stock Mustang. I will be down there on the weekend and if the car is there will take photos for you.

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