Work begins

Oh before i get into the work, here is a lovelly email i got from John the day the girl arrived:

Hey Cameron man,
you are one lucky lucky lucky guy, I have not seen a Mustang this clean for a long time, it is very good.
I unpacked her today, picking it up on Tuesday next week. Customs has to clear it.
I don’t think there will be any big damage on the old girl but I can’t say for sure until the paint is stripped off it. But it does look good.

Needless to say that just made me itchin’ to start.

So in late March 2005 John started the painstaking task of stripping all her paint down. This is were she didn’t look her best, but at least we were off to a good start. Take a look.

dsc00003.JPG dsc00008.JPG dsc00012.JPG

But we did encounter some damage in the RH rear quarter.

OK, the Right hand 1/4 panel had a lot of filler(Bog) in it, and we found a few problems but do not worry it is not going to cost $1000s to fix.
Most of the body is in good condition, but this panel is going to need a lot of work, the other end of the panel has been drilled for repair work, this is typical of the yanks, those holes will need to be welded up very carefully so not to cause heat stress to the rest of the panel.
So other than this minor damage to the front quater and the back we’re looking quite good. More updates to follow.

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