Gauges…all hail Autometer gauges!

So the movie car had the original guages in it, although it had an Autometer monster tacho fitted. I don’t wanna go the monster tacho way, but I do want to go the Autometer way.

Basically I wanted it to look like this:


So after checking out Autometer and seeing them in other cars I started to hunt them down. But again it wasn’t as easy as thought, being in Australia we use Kilometers Per Hour (KPH) better known as metric. So I had to order the Metric series of the guages, which I decided where the Ultra-lite Pro Comp range. Here is what I needed:

5″ Electrical Speedo – 4489-M
5″ 10K Tachometer – 4498
2 5/8″ Fuel –
2 5/8″ Water – 4431-M
2 5/8″ Oil Pressure – 4427

After a lot of searching I found a guy in the states who ordered them for me through Autometer directly. Funnily enough I found him on Ebay selling guages, so I just emailed him. Turned out really cheap as well.

Here they are:

Autometer Metric Gauges Mustang Dash Cluster

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