The Eleanor kit

If you’re looking at body kits for your Mustang, there’s a variety of options to consider. Of course the main one is price, as sometimes you will get what you pay for but this doesn’t mean paying through the nose just to fit a kit that doesn’t look all that great, leaving you with a substandard look and an empty wallet.

So I decided to take a look at kits and show you what the potential of some of the better ones could be. Of course, modifying your car is simple enough, as long as you know your stuff.

So seeing as the car is going in in the next few weeks to get some body work and get part of the kit fitted I thought id post the kit I’m using. There are heaps of kit’s out there, lots of which are poor in quality and relatively cheap, however the one I went with is Australian made and is worth the extra cash.

mustang-with-kit-front-view-03.jpg mustang-with-kit-side-rear-030.jpg mustang-with-kit-02.jpg
mustang-kit-tail-light-panel-04.jpg mustang-nose-panel-an-hood-kit-040.jpg mustang-kit-upper-duct-038.jpg

You will notice the upper (and lower) side scoops are moulded closed, these will be cut open as both will be made functional.

Now here’s a closer look of the bits and pieces and the support brace for the front end.

lower-support-bar.jpg mustang-under-hood.jpg mustang-rear-corner-extension.jpg
mustang-boot-lid-inner.jpg mustang-behind-head-light.jpg

I’ll post the photos of the kit being fitted as soon as i can. Till then enjoy the photos (and the finished product also in the photos)

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