Air Conditioning and AC Vents

Originally my car wasn’t equipped with air conditioning and in Australia where our winter’s are the equivalent to the hottest day in other countries and our summer’s are hotter than the sun i thought it would be best to investigate and implement air conditioning.

Two major tasks were required. One, find original 67 ac vents and control unit, which is becoming a tall order these days, and two, decide which air system i would install.

Let’s start with the later. Rather than finding bits and pieces to reconstruct an original setup I’ve decided to fork out the cash and buy a complete new setup and adapt it to the original vents and control unit. However i haven’t decided which to buy and so I’m still researching that bit. I’ve come across Vintage Air but i know there was another major one i cannot seem to remember from when i researched these last year.

On to the ac vents and controller setup. I managed to purchase these through eBay from an Australian seller for a reasonable price. They are however from a non-deluxe interior car, meaning for it to go into my car with deluxe interior it will need to be chromed. It also has a fair bit of pitting which will need attention. The centre vent is complete (although the picture will tell a different story) the other bits and pieces did come with it, they just need to be put back in.

67_ac_vents_11.JPG 67_ac_vents_02.JPG 67_ac_vents_08.JPG 67_ac_vents_09.JPG

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