New Dynacorn body shells

I’ve known about these for sometime now and think they are a brilliant idea, however i can see some authentic Mustang enthusiasts being against it. Either way Dynacorn has come up with a complete 1967 Mustang Fastback chassis.

Straight off the bat some questions come to mind. How much will they cost? What will the quality be like? and how will the VIN arrangement work? will they be issued with new VIN’s from Ford or classed as a ‘kit car’.

In any respect it will still eliminate the need to find a donor car, which let’s face it, is a hard task for a 1967 Fastback. It will also save the buyer money on body work and removing rust which would be the case with most donors.

Early reports from those who have seen one up close indicate these are unibody cars, with the front and rear subframes integrated into the floor much like the originals and early pricing rumors are suggesting a $15k USD price tag. I would certainly consider it.


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Photos from SEMA thanks to David Arredondo

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