PIAA 959 lights arrive!

I had a nice surprise waiting fro me when i returned home this evening. A box from the states with my PIAA 959 projector fog lights! If you remember my previous post, I was a little excited about scoring these as they are now sold out and impossible to find at a good price. I managed to purchase them brand new off one of the members on the Eleanor forums.

My first thoughts were of the sheer size of the units themselves. I’ve never actually held a pair, I’ve only seen them installed and thought they were small, but they are quite large, just fitting into the palm of my hand.

They turned up in record time, under a week, and safe and well. Here are some pictures i just took.

piaa959_3.JPG piaa959_5.JPG piaa959_6.JPG

piaa959_1.JPG piaa959_2.JPG piaa959_4.JPG

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