RRS coilover and rack & pinion steering

RRS or Revelation Racing Supplies is an Australian company manufacturing quality race bred components for various vintage cars, including the Ford Mustang of course.

They mainly produce steering and suspension components, much like the US based companies like Total Control Products or Flaming River, however for the budding Australian enthusiast RRS is the only option as TCP and Flaming River are both illegal in Australia due to not having engineering certificates amongst other things, believe me, I’ve looked into it.

One of my first purchases was the RRS Phase one lightweight front coil over suspension seen here.

phase1_2.jpg phase1_1.jpg

Obviously I haven’t had a chance to fit them yet, but I’m very excited about how they are going to handle. In this purchase i also got myself a RHD power rack & pinion setup. I’m not really keen to use the original steering. I want to have a vintage car with the handling of a modern one.


I’m not done with RRS yet though, I still have to get the rear disc brake setup, the 3 link rear suspension get and the molycarbide brake discs for the front. More on these later.

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