Top Gear road test the Shelby GT500

OK I’ve been anxious and excited over the last few days so I’ve been trying to calm myself down by looking over videos on Youtube. So as you can see by previous posts I’ve found some good stuff. Now I’ve come across this little beauty from the guys over at Top Gear. On last weeks show they road tested the new Shelby GT500 and they compared it to a vintage mustang, which in fact was Richard Hammond’s personal car.

The Stig gives it a lap around the track, which wasn’t all that good, in fact it was exactly the same time as the the locally made Australian Monaro! They also compare it to the Roush Mustang, which has less BHP but still manages to produce a better lap time.

To be honest I’m not a fan of the new GT500, I’m not sure if it’s the review Hammond gave it or it’s the looks? Either way, I’ll let you be the judge, enjoy 9 minutes of Mustangs.

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