RRS 3-link rear suspension & disc brakes packages

So I still have a lot of shopping to do with RRS, the biggest of all is the 3-link rear suspension kit. Here is a run down of the benefits of the setup.

The RRS 3-link is designed to transform the handling of an early Ford chassis to match or exceed the demands of new millennium performance production Fords.

This is accomplished by focusing on the following four criteria:

1. rear geometry and roll centre
2. suspension reaction time
3. torque transference (chassis stress management)
4. ease of installation and tuning (bolt in ride height and shock tuning.



A closer look shows the incorporation of the rear disc brakes kit which I’ll also be picking up. This rear kit uses molycarbide rotors which offer 25% improved stopping distance.

3linkrear.jpg molycarbiderotor.jpg

Besides the paint, this purchase will most probably be the most expensive single purchase remaining in the whole project. I’m not to sure when I can set some cash aside for it either, so it may be a good few months.

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