RRS Tower Brace… coming soon!

There’s some exciting news this week out of the RRS stable here in Australia with word getting out they are about to add a Tower Brace and Monte Carlo bar package.

As this is a new product details are a little limited although early reports from RRS indicate that the brace will be available in about four weeks and will be priced at around $AUD400 and luckily enough I’ve gotten my hands on image of the brace.


This is great news particularly for Australian enthusiasts who previously had to look overseas for a similar brace. Personally I was leaning towards the Total Control Products (TCP) tower brace seen here.


But now with the prospect of such a quality item here in Aus it makes my decision easy.

RRS already provides advanced suspension, brake and steering conversion kits along with many other products to suit ’60 – ’87 unit body Fords and this looking like another quality product to add to their inventory.

Here’s a good visual breakdown of the products RRS already provides.


More info on the brace next week.

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