RRS update… Strut Brace and Under Dash Booster

Ok well i know you all may think RRS are paying me or I’m some crazy RRS fan or something like that, but i assure you that is not the case. I just find there is a lack of information on Mustang parts and news from this side of the planet.

Anyway back to business, as i mentioned last week RRS are coming out with a Shock Tower Brace and it’s confirmed that for Australia it will be available in four weeks at $AUD395 incl GST. plus delivery.


But there also is the exciting news that there will be another product ready for sale in four weeks time, the under-dash Pedal Booster/Master Cylinder which is slated for a $AUD1,500 retail plus GST and delivery.


I think this will further damage my bank account. I still have the rear brake package and rear suspension to buy.

Again both these products haven’t been advertised or featured on their site, but have been confirmed. You heard it here first.

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