The RetroGauge Mustang Mini-Tach for 1967 and 1968 Mustangs

Unfortunately for most 1967 or 1968 owners their car is not a GT. and therefore is not fitted with the factory GT tachometer. Those who have tried hunting one down will also know that a genuine one will cost you big dollars and even more if repairs are needed.

Fortunately one Aussie guy has come up with an alternate solution. Mike Brand is now producing and selling his Retrogauge™ Mini-Tach’s all over the world. I actually bought my original 1967 deluxe hard seat backs of Mike and i have nothing but praise for his operation.

Here’s some background information:

In my professional life I have a company which specialises in the import, design and manufacturing of automotive and marine gauges. Having worked in the instrumentation field for most of my life I figured it shouldn’t be too hard to modify or build a tachometer to suit my purpose. As most ’67 and ’68 Mustang owners would know, there is a location in the instrument cluster for a factory clock. The clock was an option and not that common, so the majority of the vehicles out there have nothing more than a plastic blank filling the space. Because this is centrally located, I figured it was a great spot to put the tach. The problem was I didn’t want to cut my cluster and of course I was after an authentic look.

I set about building my tach using existing tooling that we had available, which after some modification turned out to be ideal. The tach is manufactured using components from various countries but the final assembly and calibration is done under my own roof in Australia .

Mike’s novel and ingenious idea has seen him feature in Mustang Monthly so it seems to be turning a few heads. It certainly is something i would consider if i wasn’t going with the Autometer gauges but none the less it’s going to prove a great way for those who can’t find nor afford an original GT tach to have that bit of GT flare in their ride.

Basically here’s what it’s all about:

A custom designed solution for any ’67 or ’68 Mustang owner who has ever wanted a tachometer for their car but doesn’t want to pay an exorbitant price for a genuine GT cluster. The RetroGauge™ Mini-Tach is an ideal solution for the following good reasons:

* No cutting or modifying any part of the dash or cluster whatsoever;
* Simply replaces the plastic blank (crosshairs) or clock in the instrument cluster;
* Illuminated by the existing dash lights so no extra lighting is needed;
* Only two new wires required – one for the feed and one for the signal;
* Characters and dial emulate the existing instruments for an authentic look;
* Available in both 6000 and 8000 RPM versions (V8 only at this time);



You can visit Mike here stay tuned for a look at my original deluxe hard seat backs i bought from Mike.

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