Mustang HID retrofit begins

So i finally took the big step and purchased a complete RHD HID projector kit for HIDplanet. In the lead up to purchasing the kit i made sure i researched the whole thing thoroughly and lucky i did as i almost purchased the wrong kit which would have been a disaster.

It turns out that the projector headlights themselves are RHD/LHD specific. It’s something i never really thought about, and HIDplanet being an American site all bar one of their kits where LHD. So i was almost about to purchase the LHD Bi-Xenon Audi A6/RS6 kit until i dug deep and discovered i needed the RHD Single Xenon Bosch kit.

The kit arrived on Friday and here are some early pictures.

p5040010.jpg p5040012.jpg

So here’s what the kit includes:

Complete Bosch Xenon D2S HID Projector Package:

If you are looking for a complete package solution for your HID needs, please consider our Bosch/Hella/Philips package. This option gives you a cost effective parts kit to replace critical H.I.D. parts that may have been damaged.

The package includes:

# (2) Bosch Projectors
# (2) Hella/Philips LVQ-212 G3 Ballasts
# (2) D2S HID Bulbs
# (2) Ballast Covers/mounts
# (2) Ballast connectors

And check out the cutoff.


I’ll be setting this up in the 7″ housing with a clear glass front and instead of the silver reflective inside it will be a matte black around the projector. I’ll keep you all updated with pictures as things progress.

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