Trouble in paradise

Well I had trouble in paradise recently. The car was with the body guys who were going to straighten the rear chassis rail and fit the kit up for me. Great, things are moving, until i received this from John (my builder).

OK, where do I start???? Things have gone South, read on I have had an interesting week.
I got home on Thursday from work, there was a message waiting for me from the guys who HAD the old girl to talk to them urgently. So I contacted them Thursday night and was told I had to come and look at the car as they had found problems. They would not tell me over the phone what was going on.

Now, just to give you a quick in-site to the plan, these guys were recommended and they also told me that they had a lot of experience in fiber glass and body kits. This is why I decided to let these guys do the work. Anyway, when I got there on Thursday night the kit had been fitted to the car and taped in place using “Duct tape”. This was just to see how the kit looked and how it fitted. These kits needed a lot of work to fit them, they just don’t fit straight on the car. Anyone with any knowledge of Fiber glass will know this, and also know what to do. These guys had “no idea” at all what to do – short story they told me Bull Shit about what they could do. These guys were trying to tell me that it was going to $AUD50,000 plus to do the work. And they also told me that the car was twisted and bent. We knew that the rear RH chassis rail needed to be pulled back into shape but the rest of the car is perfect.

These guys were trying to tell me that the car was stuffed because of the twist in the body and that it was going to cost thousands and thousands to fix that as well. And to top it all off – the guy who was in charge told me that the car was not worth anything because the body was twisted and he offered to buy the car and everything else for $AUD5000. It was at this point that I started to get a little angry and I was going to hurt someone.

So we turned up on Friday to collect the car and kit, etc and also told the guys that we were taking the car back, and if they tried to stop us we would be back with the Police.

Anyway, the old girl is back in my Shed this weekend and I am in talks with an old school panel beater who has retired now, but he will be coming out of retirement to work on the old girl. He has built quite a few Show cars and some of my good friend in the car club know him very well and he comes recommended.

I am not happy with these other guys – they told me that they had fixed the chassis rail at the rear and were well into fitting the kit, but again it was all BS.

So needless to say my heart skipped a few beats on this one, but all came together in the end. Last week the car was with the new guy and things are progressing well and i should have pictures this weekend, i promise!

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