Fitting Eleanor’s body kit

Well good news in this week. The fitting of the kit has FINALLY begun! Early days yet, but we’ve started mocking the kit up to see how she fits and how much work will be involved. As a lot of you know these kit’s don’t fit first go, far from it. every mold is different as is the shape of every car, so expect lots of hours and lots or work.

I’ve even been told about some parts of certain kits being so out of shape they had to be discarded and replacements bought.

So far we’ve just started on the upper scoops, side skirts, rear flares, trunk lid and rear panel.

mockrearshot2.JPG mocksideskirts.JPG mockupperscoop.JPG

mockexhaustskirt.JPG mockrearquarter.JPG mocklowerscoop_rearflare.JPG

Not the best photos I know but it’s all I could get. You can really see her taking shape even with the littlest of changes. Now I’m getting excited.

We also started mocking up where the gas cap would be and this is something I want to get right. I’m very adamant about the position as I don’t want it as far back as the Unique Performance caps. I want it in the position like the movie car had, like this:


So here are some shots of the progress of the gas cap:

gascapprep3.JPG mockgascapposition.JPG

Looking good I think, I should have some better shots in the next coming days, so check back soon.

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