Gas cap installed, functional side vents and a whole lot more!

Well it’s been a little while since I gave you all an update on how my old girl is going but that’s been because not much has been happening. But now I have some post worthy news.

Slowly but surely it’s coming together. The side brake cooling vents have been made to be functional as you can see below.

The gas cap has also been installed and looks great! You often see some cars that have the gas cap sitting out a bit off the panel, but this one is sunk in and flush, just the way i like it!

The gas cap has also been made functional with a custom made side filler tube that connects through the trunk to the fuel tank. This was custom made for my car by the guy handling the body work! It looks top notch.

The rear panel is also now mocked up, the fit isn’t the best but will be worked on in the coming weeks. We’re just trying to decide on the best way to affix the kit, what glues etc. But things are coming together fast.

The hood hinges have also now been installed and the bonnet is now on the car! She looks mean.

29july1.JPG 29july2.JPG 29july3.JPG

29july4.JPG29july5.JPG 29july6.JPG

Stay tuned more info coming soon. I’m looking into a Tremec TKO500 transmission this week, so I could have some good news very soon.

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