3 thoughts on “Griffin Aluminium Radiator

  1. Hi!
    My name is Matic and I come from Slovenia,that’s in Europe pretty small country. I i must congratulate you on your work on your mustang, i was meaning to buy a kit for my self to start restoring it, because i’m a big big big fan of mustang specially fastback, and i was meaning to buy one lately, so could you please write me an email, where did you get the body kit, and i would like to keep in touch, love the work that you did soo far…

  2. Hey Matic!
    The body kit i have was produced locally here in Australia. It was a little more expensive than the American mad kits but it was of higher quality i believe.
    The best bet is for you to check out Ebay. There are a lot of kits on there. or even post on the http://www.customfastbackca.com forums! the guys there are great help!
    Thanks for stopping by mate, keep me updated with how you go.

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