All Ford Day, Sydney

So this past Sunday saw the All Ford Day take place at Warwick Farm, and lucky for me I don’t live too far away so I ventured out to my first Ford day, well my first car meet in general!

As expected they had Thunderbirds to Mustangs, Model-A to Falcons and everything in between. I managed to take a look at some nice Fastbacks, including a RHD 1967 GT500! Another LHD Blue GT500 and a stunning 1968 GT500. I was in heaven!

Now I know everyone reading this pretty much knows what a Mustang looks like so I didn’t bother taking photos of every car there, however guess what I ran into? The Eleanor clone from my previous post about the Shannon’s auction.

Now this car was apparently sold at auction for $AUD 75,000 (Approx $USD 65,400), but here it was at the All Ford Day complete with a “For Sale” sign on it.

I must say the car was extremely rough. The kit was out of line (see photos), the exhaust tips were sticking out way too far, the upper and lower scoops were molded shut and overall the paint scheme, inside and out, is not my cup of tea.

Seeing a car like this only excites me as I can’t wait to have my old girl finished and take her to the next All Ford Day!

Have a look at some of the photos I took, although do note the picture of the full car is actually not the clone, it’s a GT350 Hertz, it’s just a coincidence they are the same colour.


afd_1.JPG afd_2.JPG afd_4.JPG

afd_9.JPG afd_10.JPG afd_7.JPG

afd_5.JPG afd_6.JPG afd_8.JPG

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