Fitting the kit – Another update

I most probably will have regular updates on the kit fitment so here is another installment.

We’ve now got the rear all squared up and looking good as you can see in the pics. The side skirts and wheel arches are fitted up and are being prepped for gluing.

If you compare these pictures to the ones a few weeks ago you can easily see the difference, things are lining up a lot better and generally just look right.

We’ve also had the upper exterior vents painted and ready to go, as we’ll soon have to glue the upper scoop over the top of them.


aug12_2.JPG aug12_3.JPG aug12_4.JPG

aug12_5.JPG aug12_6.JPG aug12_7.JPG

aug12_8.JPG aug12_9.JPG aug12_10.JPG

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