Griffin Aluminium Radiator

This was a project in itself! I’ve always wanted one of these Griffiin Aluminum Radiators ever since I saw Unique Performance using them a few years back. Obtaining one for my car was to prove difficult, especially being in Australia.

The story begins by me ringing Griffin directly in the early hours of an Australian morning. After answering some questions to go back and answer about my car (size, how many core’s, left or right outlet etc) I finally placed my ‘order’

Now these things are not cheap, it worked out to be $AUD1000 all up. It’s mainly because these are custom made.

So a few weeks pass and I hear nothing, numerous emails proved futile and I began to get worried as the employee who handled my order left the company and then I heard nothing. My fears were worsened as i heard rumblings on the net that they were going bust!

But three months later the day came and I was notified that there was a package for me coming into the country! I opened th massive box and there she was, my custom aluminum radiator with fan… yum! It was worth the wait.


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