HID projector retro-fit project coming to a close

Well good news in this week about the Xenon projector headlamps that are being custom made for my 67 mustang. They are almost done, we just have some testing to do and then we’ll seal it all up ready to be installed into the old girl.

The main problem we are facing is because the casing is so small and there is little ventilation there is risk that the heat generated from the lamps will melt the plastic areas of the casing. And I have been told it does happen to some custom jobs. So this is something I want to make sure is corrected before I waste over $500 worth of gear.

The other issue I must decide on before sealing is if I want the beam to be a flat straight beam or a Z shaped beam. I’m almost certain I’ll go with the Z shaped standard.

Here are the pictures which I’m very pleased with. Can you just imagine these in a Vintage 1967 Mustang?


hidretroaug07_3.jpg hidretroaug07_4.jpg hidretroaug07_5.jpg

The dimensions are 5.75″ from lens to base of bulb (total length of assembly) and 3″ from base of headlight to base of bulb (distance of what is sticking out from the back of the headlight).

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