RRS to distribute Dynacorn body shells in Australia

RRS is set to become Australia’s sole distributor for the much hyped Dynacorn body shells. But what’s most exciting is that it appears RRS will be releasing a complete 1967 Fastback ‘kit’ at the Sema Show in the USA in October/November 2007 comprising of the NEW 67 Mustang Dynacorn shell, RRS complete under body products, CDC interior and Ford big block engine. So all eyes will be on Sema. Apart from that, they seem to have some nice new products about to hit the shelves such as:

  • Under-dash brake booster & master cylinder
  • Shock tower strut brace
  • Billet lower control arms
  • 1967 Mustang kit car complete
  • rrs_completebody.jpg

    6 thoughts on “RRS to distribute Dynacorn body shells in Australia

    1. Cam,
      spoke with them a few weeks ago and asked them to go to dynacon for right hand drive shell 🙂
      May keep looking for good car rather than the best around

    2. I just recieved a quote from RRS about a Right Hand Drive bodyshell. For the shell on its own it’s $AU32,600 and for an additional $AU9,900 you get a build kit that includes front guards, bumper bars, bonnet, grille etc etc. All up $AU 42,500.

    3. The guys over at Muscle Car Factory are also jumping on the Dynacorn bandwagon and are currently putting together their first car. The plan is to sell a RHD “turn key” base model for around $80,000 but the process they’re going through now should help them determine the final price. They’re also going to build an Eleanor and will be looking to offer those to the public depending on the level of interest. Get over to their website to check out what they’re up to and keep an eye out for an open day/unveiling in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

    4. The fact the body shells cost 16.500 crated for shipment i think that price of 32.600 is rather high considering the exchange rate. Not going to be a cheaper mustang project than a rusty original to build.

    5. Having a 1967 Mustang Fastback would be great. I’ve been dreaming of owning one since I was a teenager. I hard to find an old and restorable one here in Australia. Starting to get brand new panels, etc. would be a great risk, but thats what I did. I was advised to contact an automobile engineer before starting my project. My aim was to verify if I can build one from scratch using new shell. I’ve been reading articles about ICV ( Individually Constructed Vehicle ) and I’m not ceratin if building a Mustang is included on this scheme. I have emailed one engineer and was advised to see him personally because he said that it gonna be a long consultation and it gonna cost me 100 dollars an hour plus GST. He didnt say anything about my inquiry ( Yet I’m willing to pay him )
      My hope in building one starts to fall apart when I consulted a mechanic friend of mine ( who’s restoring a 67 Holden Monaro ) He said that installing an old engine ( carb ) into a new shell is not permitted by law because it is considered as a new car and should meet modern standards. I’m lost now!

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