Eleanor gets her nose!

Another week and another updated on the fitting of the kit. Having finished fitting just about everything to the rear we’ve now turned our attention to the front of the car.


You can see from the above the we now have the front facade on and you can see the black hood pin brackets I purchased from Unique Performance. Now it’s not all roses up front with things far from lining up. You can see that below.

august24th_2.jpg august24th_3.jpg august24th_4.jpg

august24th_5.jpg august24th_7.jpg

Now those with a keen eye will notice the hood we are using is a GT style hood and not the Eleanor one. This is just while we are trying to get it to line up. When looking at the hood fitting pay NO attention to how out of line it is long-ways, this is because the GT hood is shorter than what the Eleanor hood is. With the Eleanor front kit it pushes the car out a bit longer.

What we are looking at is how the corner tip of the hood is sitting on the nose and not falling into the groove. See below for circled versions.

circled_left.JPG circled_right.JPG

So all in all it’s looking great, but there are lots of man hours going into getting it right. But we can’t rush these things. It’s been nearly three years… what’s a few more months…or years.

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