Toby’s Eleanor project

Well I thought I would show you all my friend Toby’s project. Toby is a friend of mine who also lives in Sydney and owns a 1968 Fastback. It was converted to RHD some time ago but upon sending it to the guys to have it turned into an Eleanor it became apparent there was a lot of work that needed doing or re-doing.

The car is currently with the conversion guys (where mine is headed after the body is fitted) There was a lot of work to do with his conversion as it appeared it was done very shabbily originally. The car is set to go to the body guys soon where they will work on it along with mine.

I don’t have Toby’s car particulars with me but I will get them and post them up. But for now here are some progress pics to keep you busy.


dsc00160.JPG side606.JPG image010.jpg

image011.jpg side-out.jpg frt606.JPG

image007.jpg image010.jpg image008.jpg

dsc00313.JPG dsc00315.JPG dsc00316.JPG

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