Unique Performance Scam

Unique Performance Scam I know I know!! It’s like flogging a dead horse but still worth posting as not everyone has seen it. Seems some Unique Performance customers have gotten so fed up they have created personal websites berating the troubled company. The first, Unique Performance Scam has been setup by one disgruntled customer who has handed over $140,000 to Unique and has only three photos of a battered shell to show for it. On the site readers are encouraged to email their bad experiences with the company. Ebay listings have also been setup warning of the shabby dealings, and emails have been posted from people who have had similar dealings.

Hello, My family and i have always supported cscf.org, Carroll Shelby as fans and car enthusiasts. In spring of 2007 my wife and i purchased car #34 from Unique Performances’ John Logan and Doug Hasty in Farmer’s Branch Texas. We were deceived and lied to after we wired $170,000+ of our hard earned money to them! The car we purchased was actually on consignment, yet we signed a contract that DID NOT disclose this very important detail. We have filed complaints against Unique Performance and Carroll Shelby for damages, in addition we are seeking compensation for breach of contract and fraud. It is now mid-October and we still do not have title our transaction/contract with Unique Performance is open and incomplete. The vehicle (CSE-34) had 800 miles when we took delivery. To date the vehicle itself + total repairs and upgrades (for safety) have been well over $200,000.00. Because Doug Hasty and Unique Performance has made zero effort to resolve this dilemma, i felt compelled to contact/ inform you. If you’d like to contact me this is all the info you will need: Law Offices of (name withheld)
The second site, Fixeleanor.com, has been setup to show how badly one such Unique Performance car was put together. The site details all the problems the customer had and what was need to fix it. Go over and check it out, it’s unbelievable!]]>

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