67Mustangblog – One year old!

67mustangblog birthday

Well the time has flown by but 67mustangblog is one year old! hurray! It’s been hectic year for me with this car but I hope you all have enjoyed my posts on the old girl (and old the random stuff in between).

So I thought no better way to celebrate then to look back on the year and post up some of my favourite posts. Here is a list of my top 10 posts over the year:

1. New Dynacorn Body Shells for 1967 & 1968 Mustangs
2. Eleanor Gets Her Nose
3. PIAA lights installed, Front nose, Fuel filler!
4. The History of the Ford Mustang
5. Nissan RB26 Powered Mustang
6. All Ford Day, Sydney
7. The steering wheel escapade!
8. Dynacorn body shells update
9. Top Gear road test the Shelby GT500
10. The Eleanor kit

But it’s without a doubt that the whole Unique Performance debacle has been the hot topic of the year. Their spectacular fall from grace has been widely published and documented, especially on this blog. So here is the Unique Performance trail of destruction…so to speak.

1. Unique Performace – The Making of Eleanor
2. Shelby threaten Unique Performance!
3. TMZ.com report on another Shelby lawsuit
4. Unique Performace raided – Police confiscate 64 cars!!
5. Unique Performance ex-staff tells all!
6. Foose Design sevre ties with Unique Performance
7. Unique Performance Scam
8. Unique Performance – Bankrupt!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site by reading and commenting, thanks to the crew of people who keep coming back. I’m glad you enjoy it, because I sure as hell love breathing anything Mustang and Eleanor. Here’s to another year of restoration!

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