Employees wife takes aim at Unique Performance / Tecstar

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The wife of a former employee at Unique Performance has come out firing in an online flaming aimed at the Unique Performance founders mainly Douglas Hasty.

In a comment posted on jalopnik.com the unnamed woman takes aim at the former backers of Unique Performance Concepts and questions the vanishing profits along the way.

I am an angry employee’s wife. My husband worked for Tecstar/Quantum/UPC and is owed wages. My question is where does UPC stand on payment to employees including my husband? Isn’t UPC responsible for paying this since they got in bed with a criminal? What about Chip Foose himself? He got in bed with a criminal! He received profits from the hard work of these employees on the Foose Stallion.

UPC is a joint venture between Tecstar/Quantum and Unique Performance Jeff Beitzel 50.1% and Doug Hasty 49.9%. Tecstar is out of Troy Michigan and Quantum is out of Irvine California. Jeff Beizel is COO of Quantum/Tecstar. Tecstar did all the engineering work on the Foose Stallion for 06-08. However, in May they closed the Haslet assembly facility down and moved to Unique Performance for the “new” assembly facility. At that time the joint venture UPC was under management of Hasty (UP). However, revenues continue to go to Quantum.

Foose if you want to continue to get in bed with criminals you are no better! Quantum/Tecstar and Jeff Beitzel, Doug Goad (no longer there), Joe Dibiago, Dave Hansen, Tom Sunberg all receive great pay and bonus’s and we all sit here not getting paid.

Tom Sunberg set up this whole Foose program with Doug Hasty and feels no obligation to what is right! When they dissolved the UPC joint venture (thinking Hasty would go to jail) the board members told the employees to send all assets Tecstar owned facilities. The employees did not want to return but the board said they would pay back wages plus pay the employees daily to decommissioin the facility.

Not until all assets were returned did Tecstar fail to pay the back wages owed to employees based on legal councel advise. Beizel conveniently forgot the promise to pay back wages. Tecstar received $2.5 million dollars in Foose inventory and .5 million dollars in tooling from these dedicated employees. With all those assets they can’t pay employees the $66K of backwages owed? Tecstar now says we never said we would pay back wages, I can assure you the President of Sales for UPC was present in the board meeting. He has yet to be paid and he informed us the board agreed to pay back wages. So therefore this is not hearsay.

Talk about Hasty’s issues. Maybe someone should look into the companies they get in bed with.

For those getting a little confused here is some back ground information. On January 18, 2006, Quantum/Tecstar obtained a 50.1% controlling interest in Unique Performance Concepts, LLC (UPC), a business venture formed with UPC’s minority interest partner Unique Performance, Inc. to manufacture limited edition high performance vehicles. On February 8, 2006, the Company acquired Regency Conversions, Inc. (Regency) a vehicle converter with distribution channels for second-stage vehicle manufacturing and aftermarket parts.

Here’s what Hasty had to say at the time.

The talented team at Unique Performance has been successful designing and building spectacular vehicles with top automotive icons based on vintage American muscle cars for the past several years, This JV with Quantum РTecstar has increased our manufacturing capabilities to a level no small volume American builder has enjoyed. We can now offer custom high performance to a new clientèle using current production vehicles.

It started out so good.

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