It pays to do your research!

1967 Shelby Mustang Headlight Buckets

OK so it’s a fact! I am an idiot. It pays to do your research and when you don’t you’ll get into the predicament i am in.

So I’ve spent several months and close to one thousand dollars and now we’ve figured out we have the wrong size lights!

Here is where I got confused. I was always under the impression Mustangs used 7″ round headlights and I never knew that Shelby’s had smaller lights of 5 3/4″ lights! And further to that I was unaware the Eleanor kit was based on the Shelby sizes.

So when we went to fit the lights the other day we found they were way to big! So now we have to buy the Shelby headlight buckets (Shown above) and round headlights to put in in the interim.

What I will try to do is have the projectors removed and redone in the 5 3/4″ lights. Anyone in Australia who does the kind of light work contact me, i really don’t have the patience to send them back to the states and wait another 6 months.

This certainly is a set back and we’ll have to move forward with standard lights for the moment. But we’ll have time later down the track to swap them over. The car will be sitting aside for a little while once she comes back from the body shop because I’ve just gotten the bill for all this body work and it’s NOT pretty.. let’s just say it’s over 10k.

So as you can understand I need to save a little bit of cash to pay this off. But don’t worry Toby’s car is going in as mine comes out so i will be updating you with that plus I have some more part orders to make.


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