7″ Mustang Headlights – Fitting to Eleanor Kit – I May Be In Luck!

eleanor mustang headlight buckets

So one of the problems of late has been the whole projector headlight fitting issue. The problem was I waited so long for these custom headlights which came as 7″ only to find that once installed they were too large. We needed the Shelby 5 3/4″ headlights.

But all is not lost just yet. After surfing Mustangs Unlimited I noticed they had these headlight buckets especially for Eleanor kits. Whats even better is their related products include the headlights to go into them and wouldn’t you believe it they are 7″.

Headlight Bracket Assemblies, Pair for 1967-1968 Eleanor Mustang.

Allows easier installation of headlights on ours & others Eleanor Body Kits, by taking out the need for fabrication. Fits much better than fiberglass buckets & allows use of a conventional headlight bulb.

Here are the products linked to the headlight buckets:

HALOGEN 7″ HEADLIGHT 65/68 & 70/78 (HELLA)


HEADLIGHT BULB 7″ HI-LO 65/68 & 70/73

No mention of Shelby 5 3/4″

I’ve sent the link over to my builder and he has said we may be in luck, but we won’t know for another week or so as he is still on holidays (another reason why my personal updates are lacking)

So if this does in fact work we may purchase these and the lights we have will slip right in, fingers crossed. This would mean we wouldn’t need to send them back to the states to be re-fitted.

I’ll keep you all posted. But it seems I may be making an order soon. As there are other items I need to get from them including Shelby valve covers, original decals and some others.

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