Richard's 815hp 1967 Shelby Super Snake Eleanor Mustang

Richard’s build has been one that myself and a lot of other ‘Eleanor’ enthusiasts and builders have looked up to. If one was to build an Eleanor Super Snake clone with no regard for cost than this would be it! Richard has gone about building the ultimate tribute to the one and only Super Snake that Carroll Shelby built, which I featured a few weeks back.

The car is fortunate enough to have the last Shelby Aluminum 427FE engine built by legendary race engine builder Keith Craft Racing (builder of all the Shelby Super Snake Eleanor Engines). It has been bored and stroked to 482ci. with a T Trim Vortech supercharger. Fast XFI Fuel Injection has been added and it has been dyno’d at 815bhp and 733 ft. lb. torque. Backed up by a TKO 600 5 speed transmission and a 9” rear coilover axle this car has all the attributes of a modern performance car. The front end has been replaced with coilover suspension and a TCP rack & pinion steering kit. The car is pulled to a halt with Shelby/Baer 13” front disc brakes and 12” rear discs. What’s astonishing is the only remaining original parts on this car are the doors, glove box door, ash tray and a couple of interior trim pieces. This car is the definition of a ground-up restoration. Recently Richard has taken his car to various car shows and has won participation and class awards. Often winning over judges is very difficult with an Eleanor clone as a lot of judges are Mustang purists and have no time for Eleanor. So winning even a few awards says something about this car. Here’s the car’s breakdown. And see below for the dyno video and for more information check out Richard’s site or Richard’s other project the Eleanor World Registry. 1967 Shelby Super Snake Eleanor Mustang BODY 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Ford Black w/ Tungsten Grey Super Snake stripes w/ gold/silver pinstripes Eleanor 4” hood w/locking hood pins Eleanor upper & lower nose Eleanor Rocker panels Shelby upper & lower side scoops Shelby trunk & End caps Front & Rear fender flares Rotunda racing mirrors Shaved antenna Billet/lockable flip open gas cap PIAA front lights (3 sets) headlights Shelby rear lights New tinted glass (front, rear, door vents and windows) WHEELS AND TIRES PSE GT40 wheels 8×17 front 11×17 rear BFG Gforce TA KD 245/40/17 front and 315/35/17 rear ENGINE AND DRIVETRAIN Shelby427FE Aluminum Engine professionally built by Keith Craft racing (the last one) bored and stroked to 482cu 815hp/733tq Scat Billet Crank Scat H Beam Rods Diamond custom blower pistons Balanced Edelbrock Performer RPM head ported and polished Shelby high capacity water pump Edelbrock Victor FE EFI intake Canton 8 qt. oil pan Powermaster Ultratorque starter Powermaster 140 amp alternator Concept One billet pulley system Concept One Power Steering pump w/mini reservoir Vortech T Trim Polished Supercharger Vortech Hat polished Fast XFE fuel injection system Russell black braided fuel line (AN-8 supply, AN-6 Return) MSD Billet Distributor MSD HVC Coil & Ignition control box TCP Motor Mounts Be Cool Custom Polished Aluminum radiator w/Billet overflow, twin 13” electric fans Exterior oil cooler/filter JBA ceramic coated (inside and outside) long tube headers JBA performance exhaust system w/H pipe, Spintech mufflers and side exhaust through the rocker panel Tremec TKO 600 5 speed overdrive transmission Ram Dual Clutch/Aluminum Flywheel/pressure plate system Lakewood Scattershield Bellhousing McLeod Hydraulic Clutch assembly Special transmission cross member Aluminum driveshaft w/safety loop Hidden wiring (where possible) Custom relay panel SUSPENSION AND BRAKES Unique Performance Shock Tower to cowl brace Pro Motorsports lower shock tower reinforcement system Unique Performance front coilover suspension Shelby A arm relocation 1 1/8” front sway bar Unique Performance rear coilover system w/ watts link Ford 9″ w/3.25 Currie Track Lock differential Unique Performance torque arm Unique Performance weld in Sub frame connector Unique Performance weld in X Brace Flaming River tilt steering column Shelby GT500E steering wheel Total Control products power rack & pinion Shelby/Baer slotted and cross drilled 4 wheel disc brake system (13″ front, 12” rear) 4 point roll bar INTERIOR Entire interior/underside Sound Proofed with lizard Skin Sound Control and Ceramic Insulation Additional interior sound proofing and heat control – Dynamat and Heat Shield New vent grills, vent sliders, door grills, courtesy lights, quarter panels, Shelby “Super Snake” embroidered leather bucket seats w/G Force 5 point harness Leather rear seats in matching material as front seats, lap belts New rear seat chrome trim Old Air Hurricane A/C system w/sanden compressor Shelby GT500E center console with logo Go Baby GO shifter button, console mounted nitrous switch w/remove before flight tag Console mounted power window switches, boost and fuel pressure gauges Shelby signature gauges (200 MPH speedo, 10K tach) Shelby signed brushed aluminum dash insert kit Shelby clutch and brake pedals Electric Life power windows Remote power door locks Remote power trunk release Remote Engine start Alarm system with hidden hood/trunk switches, remote paging JVC KD NX-5000 AM/FM/GPS/CD/DVD/MP3 in dash radio Rear Backup Camera Bluetooth adapter for Phone or PDA through the radio Alpine PDX 4.100 4 channel amp Infinity Kappa speakers 6×9 in back, 5 ½ in center console Trunk mounted Mustang billet battery box and Optima battery NOS bottle and bracket mounted in the trunk over the gas tank Carpeted trunk area Rick’s Automotive 22 gal fuel tank w/ in tank Aeromotive 1000 fuel pump
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88 thoughts on “Richard's 815hp 1967 Shelby Super Snake Eleanor Mustang

  1. Hello , my name is jaime I am mexican my english is my problem but this car is beautifull . Quisiera ver el carro personalmente me pondria muy feliz . I have 18 years old and live in Tijuana.

  2. Hi mate,
    you asked me that yesterday.
    Anyway Youtube removed it due to copyright violations with the music on it. Richard said he didn’t save a copy of it and lost it in a computer crash 🙁

  3. This car is freakin awesome. Beautiful paint, it gives me and idea for the rusting one in my grandparents backyard. I dont care if it is not perfect it is still beautiful!!!

  4. Fantastica! Non ho parole davvero…un’auto che per me ragazzo italiano e stata sempre un sogno e chi lo sa forse un giorno diventera realta!! ancora complimenti!


  6. man…ever since i was a little kid and saw “Gone in 60 seconds” i knew i wanted that beautiful mustang…ofcourse i appreciation for this car has grown with age…i am 17 now…how much would it cost to get a care like this…what i mainly want is the body kitt…i would live to have as much HP as this one but i know that would be far to expensive for me…so i was thinking somewhere along the lines of 400HP, maybe even a little bit less…any idea?

  7. esse é carro é uma mistura de dom e arte…..
    é magnifico….adorei,tavez um dia ainda tenha um desse…hehehe

  8. DROOLING!!!! My dream car! can I have it plezzzzzzz LOL A Eleanor will almost make you cry. LOL

  9. God Damn! That car is the sikkest thing i have ever seen. It is my dream to have a car just like that one day and i know i will! Hope it looks as good as this 1 though

  10. Hey, nice car. I was looking for an Eleanor of my own, interested in selling you masterpiece? I’ll pay anything to own a car like that. Name you price…

  11. This car is the best of the world
    and it is “SEXY”SEXY”SEXY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It`s my tired!!
    I love this car!!!
    I must have this car!!!!

  12. this is an absolutely fantastic car, the sheer power is unbelievable. This stang is one of the best. She hot, obviously powerful and definatly fast. would love to be in one. Just hearing her on the dyno is hot

  13. Hello Richard, I’ve been thinking about your car and how much it means to me, and if it’s not to much I would like to ask what the price on the car is.

  14. Hello, my name is Filipe Costa’m the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, I’m in love with the Mustang GT 500 67, I am looking for one of these Mustangs in good condition or to restore it more difficult for this reason I am here because this blog is about the much-dreamed-67 Mustang, I would ask your help to find one of these, if I can not ajuadar please indicate someone who can!
    my email is

  15. hello my friend this car is the best of the best!!!! it’s a BEAUTIFUL car!!! mustang and crazy!!! I love this car!! cyprus nicosia kannavia!!!!! !!!!!! mustang Gt500 Eleanor 1967 kai den ime kala!!!!!

  16. All I would like to say is that that is a very well crafted machine no punn intended and the engine work is outstanding.

  17. this car is a magnificent piece of art man and i think it is one of the sexiest and coolest and just all around awsome mustang/eleanors ive ever seen you my friend have vision and it has been made real

  18. this car is again for sale for 200k buy it now on ebay just goes to show that if you put extensive amounts into these projects you will be lucky to ever get it back so keep them and enjoy them or buy a finished car at the owners loss!!


  20. This is my dream car, its absolutley gorgeous and mean lookin at the same time, i love it, if i had 200k it would be my first purchase. Absolutley amazing

  21. where is this? im looking to buy and would like to check this car out for myself. it is a VERY high quality car and would love to add this to my beautiful collection.

  22. this is the most awesome mustang in the world. I have alot of respect towards you right now by creating this amazing machine. Hopefully one day as I am only fourteen that I can do up a mustang as good as yours.

  23. You have an beutiful pieace of machinery, how much would it be to be able to design such a complex car.
    Send us back an email soon as you here from me.
    Sir Charles Bronson

  24. you helped me out alot on my plans for my eleanor mustang, thats one bad ass engine, makes more then half the car i think,iv bin waiting for the day were i can drive mine but as it looks now i prolly wont be fpr another 5-10 years, ur car should be on tv and all of the mustangs and fast ford magazines, u should try and get carol shelby to sign it, ur car is one huge peice of modern day technnology slammed in history gotta love it,CAROL SHELBY! SIGN THIS GUYS CAR PLZ!!!!!

  25. ou helped me out alot on my plans for my eleanor mustang, thats one bad ass engine, makes more then half this is my dream car, didn’t know they costed so much. Guess it will stay a dream. Awesome job on the car.e car i think,iv bin

  26. I’m a SWF, fairly attractive, intelligent, excellent cook…I only require a black ’67 shelby super snake Eleanor Mustang with vanity plates that read “BatStang” parked in a provided 3 car garage.

  27. Man, did you modified it, right? I mean, the original eleonor is different from this one. It´s the beauty car I ever seen, congratulations! How much does it worth? Please answer me!
    Tanks very much!

  28. whats a car like this cost and i also wounder if i could be converted to right hand drive it would be the sickest thing on british roads ever

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