Build your new ’67 Mustang now with RRS

The guys over at RRS have been talking about it for a while and now it’s finally happened. The Australian outfit have finalised a deal with US reproduction body manufacturers, Dynacorn, to import their 1967 body shells. RRS then takes it further making their products to fit out and suit the 1967 Fastback. All for the starting price of $AUD 25,800 incl. GST customs duty FOB Australian Port.

This provides a great alternative for those busy Mustang enthusiasts that would like a 1967 Fastback but don’t have the time to restore one or look for a decent one to buy.

Some of the finer details are yet to be determined but these fine details are what RRS are concentrating on. One must remember it’s not as simple as importing the shells, adding parts and selling it. There are engineering certifications, compliances and lot’s more. For instance, to comply with Australian Road Authorities the engines installed into this Mustang body kit are to be emission controlled (ref. IM240). The fibre-glass and steel Shelby GT 500 style bonnet is supplied as part of the build kit to allow clearance for late model engines like the Ford 5.4 litre quad cam V8.

RRS Dynacorn Bodies 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

Another great feature is that you can order your car RHD right from the start, no chopping and messing about with dodgy builders. For an extra $AUD 7,700 (Including GST & duty FOB Australian Port) you can purchase the RHD Build Kit which gives you the following:

  • Front Stone Guard/Front Valance/Valance to Fender Braces/Front Fender RH (side light)
  • Front Fender LH (side light)/Outer Shock Tower – RH/Outer Shock Tower – LH/Hood Latch
  • Hood Latch Grill Support Hood Hinge – RH/Hood Hinge – LH/Fibreglass Hood – Steel Back
  • Quarter Vent Assembly Quarter Panel Extension – RH Quarter Panel Extension – LH
  • Grill/Headlamp Bucket Assembly – RH/Headlamp Bucket Assembly – LH
  • Grill Molding Narrow – RH/Grill Molding Narrow – LH/Grill Molding Wide – RH
  • Grill Centre Joint Molding/Quarter Panel Ornaments/Quarter Vent Door – RH
  • Quarter Vent Door – LH/Front bumper/Front bumper guards (pr)/Bumper bolt
  • Right front inner bumper bracket/Left front inner bumper bracket/RH fender to bumper bracket
  • LH fender to bumper bracket/68 front marker lamps (pr)/Parking lamp assy. (2 req.)
  • Radiator support/hood bumpers 2 required/Hood lip molding/Windshield molding set (5 pieces)/Windshield seal Drip rail molding pr/Trunk latch/Trunk lock kit (includes 2 keys)
  • Trunk catch/Rear bumper/Rear bump guard bracket (2 required)
  • Now for the RRS RHD “Road Ready” conversion, the price is still to be determined but here’s what the kit will include:

    Dash Panel/Cowl/Cowl Grille/Notched Shock Towers (for modular V8)/RHD Firewall/Floor pan (to suit4, 5 & 6 speed manual and auto transmission)/Trunk floor (3 link mountings )/Safety belts and approved anchor points/Side maker lights/High back seats/Collapsible column/Heater demister/Tandem braking system with proportioning valve/Approved safety glass/Intermittent wipers/Padded internal sun visors/Speedo – kilo per hour only/Anti theft device/2002 noise level/Side door intrusion bars/Centre high mounted stop lamp (chimsel)/In tank fuel pump (assembled within new unleaded only petrol tank)

    Overall I think going down this road is a great idea, I mean if I had the opportunity to go this way when I started i probably would have. Starting with a brand new straight body, not to mention reinforced and thicker than the originals would provide a financially better option then sourcing a car from the states and getting it sent over and then having to fix the body.

    I’m very eager to see some examples of the RRS version when some finally pop up on their site.

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