Donna Michelle’s 1965 Playmate Pink Convertible in Australia

You may all wonder why there are so few updates on my car these past few weeks and months. One reason is money, but the main reason is the amount of work my builder has going on at the moment. A nice Bullitt clone is one, but this beauty is the other.

Here is a great piece of history that’s very close to home, literally. It’s Donna Michelle‘s 1965 ‘Playmate Pink’ convertible Mustang. Some say these are extremely rare and from what I can find out it is!

Some say between 1964 and 1966 a handful of special promotion ‘Playmate Pink’ (also known as Playboy Pink) mustangs we given to certain playmates by Hugh Hefner. Now I’m not too sure how accurate that is but all the information points to something along those lines.

There were also other pink Mustangs one must not get confused with. These other paints were named; Dusk Rose, Passionate Pink and from what I can gather Dusk Rose was a 1967 colour only, used for a limited time of about 6 Months and was special order only and Passionate Pink was a 1968 production option.

So back to this unique car, It can be identified as a genuine Playmate Pink car by the absence of a paint code on the data plate. The plate reads as follows:

Body = 76B
Paint code =
Trim = 66
Date = 30O
DSO = 610006
Axle = 1
Trans= 6

The car is 289 4V (A Code) Convertible. It has a Auto Trans C4, 8-3/4 Ford rear axle, Drum brakes with power booster and power steering. The Black “Pony” interior is still present along with the Center Console (with T bar auto shifter) and white convertible power top. The car has all the original panels as well.

The car was given to Donna Michelle in 1965 for being the Playmate of the year in 1964. It was saved from a yard in Texas about 3 years ago and is now in possession of the builder of my car, believe it or not, so like I said, very close to home! In Australia

The car is undergoing a ground up restoration and this week is receiving a fresh new paint job in the original ‘Playmate Pink’. The car is well documented and authentic and once restored will be sold. So if you’re interested contact me and I’ll put you in touch.

I’ll have some more pictures in the coming weeks but these will do for now.

Donna Michelle 1965 Playboy Playmate Pink Ford Mustang Convertible

Donna Michelle 1965 Playboy Playmate Pink Ford Mustang Convertible Donna Michelle 1965 Playboy Playmate Pink Ford Mustang Convertible

Donna Michelle 1965 Playboy Playmate Pink Ford Mustang Convertible Donna Michelle 1965 Playboy Playmate Pink Ford Mustang Convertible

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  1. Tony Zarak says

    Hi, I have the 67 Duske rose Mustang. I have had it since 1981. Had it restored in 81 and again in 2007. I is very nice. If you are interest I will send you some pictures. Good luck with yours.

  2. Karina says

    I have been looking to find an old playmate edition mustang that I can restore so if you know of anyone trying to sell one that needs some TLC I am more than interested!!

  3. amanda jo says

    Hi Im From calgary alberta canada
    I got my first mustang when i was 14 and my dad and i fixed it up together and painted it pink…just like the playboy one
    a 68 notchback
    it was my first car and i still have it
    im 25 now and it is just parked. I have 3 little babies under 3 years old so it really never sees the road.
    Anyway yours will be so prtty when its done.
    i could probably figure out how to send some picsif u wantes to see it.
    from amanda jo

  4. Jess Bowler says

    i’m fascinated about this car! how is the restoration going and is it still for sale?
    Jess 🙂

  5. Ashlee says

    This is just gorgeous!
    The best colour I have seen the Mustang in, have always wanted a pink one.

    Will have to start saving as im only 15 now!

    Thanks for the updates 🙂

  6. Diane Victoria Delagardelle says

    This is my dream car!!!
    When I was in High School my favorite teacher drove one of these chic playboy pink mustangs.
    I would love to have a copy of the Donna Michelle illustration that you show. Can you tell me what month and year it appeared in Playboy?
    Congratulations on restoring a legendary automobile.

  7. Tommy says

    My family completed the restoration on our 1967 Playboy pink mustang about a year ago. We make several shows a year in Texas. She has taken home trophy’s in the Houston Auto Rama, Texas Yellow rose, in Dallas and many local shows. She is (according to Marti report) the only one known to exist Being an S code 390 car. 1967 PMOY Lisa Baked signed the pass. side sun visor.

  8. Alice says

    i would be very interested in this mustang when it goes on sale, please contact me about when you are planning on putting this beauty on sale i am in love 🙂

  9. Stan Kincaid says

    Yes I agree the mustang is very nice but my favorite mustang is the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 A.K.A Eleanor. }-]

  10. Stan Kincaid says

    Althogh the GT500 is my favorite I still love my AC Shelby Cobra 427 that My dad gave to me on my 22 birthday.

  11. Scott Hawthorne says

    The pink mustang was dark BRG or British racing green first, then painted after delivery to Donna. I got to ride in this car. It was a blast. -scott

  12. says

    I may have a customer who is interested. We get requests like this all the time because we’re the company that does the Marti Report. Please send me copies of the documentation the owner has along with a picture of the door data plate. Authentic cars are exciting to me. Kevin Marti, Marti Auto Works

  13. says

    Hey Scott Hawthorne,

    Do you have any additional info on the Donna Michele car? I’d love to pick your brain on that.

    @Kevin Marti I’m about to have my 65 pink vert repainted, have you ever come to an opinion on WT9301 vs. Dusk Rose that year?

  14. says

    Jonathan, yes, I have it backwards. David and Donna painted the mustang British Racing Green after they received it, because they did not like the pink. The car was fun as I remember so well. I was 14 or 15 at the time and Dave was a family friend for many years, we grew up together, and spent many fun days. I remember laughing when my mom told David to not drive too fast, and David said “Don’t worry we will slow down to 60 in the turns” The Honda was cool as well, I got to noodle around on it a few times. My parents were real close to to David’s parents, my dad and his dad were big buddies. David was a great sound engineer in the film industry. David’s sister rented our artists studio from my family and Donna would visit and swim on occasion. The Mustang was about as cool as it gets back then.

  15. Julie A. Grazulis says

    Hello, I still own my 1965 Mustang with original pink paint and white convertible top. It’s all original and has been parked for well over 30 years in a garage. Mine also has the wooden steering wheel and trim and “pony” interior. I was told that it was a special promotional offer in 1965 from a dealer, here in Denver. I,ve had it since 1969 when I bought it from my parents as they purchased it in 1966 (as second owners). Right now it’s safe with me as it will be my retirement. I do have one daughter, however who said that she would keep the color, pink. Of course, it’s name has always been, “Pink”. And yes, it has been extremely difficult to obtain any information on it. Thank you! P.S. Not for sale.

  16. says

    Yes, I agree that Mustang may not be the car Donna received from Playboy. As I remember it from riding in it, and hanging around their home in Woodland Hills CA. I think I have it backwards, David, Donna’s husband painted the car BRG after they received it. They fid not think the pink was cool. Was it possible it was not an automatic, but a 4 speed? Possibly when I see David’s sister I will ask her how she remembers it. Still a classic in any case. Should contact Playboy, they keep all the records on that type of info. LOL.

  17. Gregory says

    Here’s a tune Guys:

    I was doing calls to Playboy Products in 1992-93.
    (‘M’) tells me 2 months prior a Guy in NV, CA, had just purchased the actual car from Donna Michelle first-hand.
    As I was writing under Mustang trivia (title)
    was interested in the proper Magazine issue. landed 1965 February.
    The six digit D.S.O. will tell you Special Production Order (FoMoCo)
    The PAINT is Synthetic enamel :
    Ford # WT 9036,
    Dupont Number 6781D

    Donna’s is the earliest.
    Playboy did not have an award system in Automobiles until 1965 Mustang,
    The Ordered vehicle was off assembly later than the INTRODUCTORY 1965 (pre August 15th).
    sic. the 260 V-8 is possible. As is a 289 V-8.

    So Trash the “64 1/2” logos!
    In Ford Terms it’s ALL BY TITLE/the Introductory Season prior to mid August.
    Tell your died in the wool buddies.


    That said:
    Her car exists, that is sure,
    I would Surely hope no one is pulling around the 1965-66 Playboy Pink cars (which there were a many in Las Vegas, include
    ‘FLAMINGO PINK’ on window sticker. etc.)
    these are Executive Cars.
    All Special Paint from FORD will have
    corresponding special order (four added to) two digit District Sales Office code.
    Explaining these details to the fells in your mustang ‘circle’
    An appreciative eye, and critic are sorely necessary.

    Writers of Mustang Trivia

    2013.02.07 05:50 HRS. UTC

  18. Mark M. says

    I inherited my aunt’s 1967 conv with a straight 6. Right now it’s an off-white, but the original color was dusk rose. I have contemplated going back to that color because it was so rare…..but I can’t bring myself to drive a pink car.

  19. Mark M. says

    I inherited my aunt’s 1967 conv with a straight 6. Right now it’s an off-white, but the original color was dusk rose. I have contemplated going back to that color because it was so rare…..but I can’t bring myself to drive a pink car.


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