Bankruptcy Court Offers Unique Performance Cars For $8500


Another week, another Unique Performance development. This time, According to a member of the Shelby Forums, who is also one of the unfortunate Unique Performance customers the Bankruptcy Court handling the 60+ half finished cars and frames is offering them back to those customers who did not receive their cars before Unique Performance went under.

Shelby has also come to the party, offering to license all cars as Shelby Continuation Vehicles, as long as the builder follows the Shelby build to their specs. Which for me raises the question, what is a the name “Shelby Continuation” really worth if anybody can just build one.

This deal is little consolation to customers who have handed over thousands of dollars and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars, which has all been lost. And what’s worse apparently the cars have been sitting in an yard for this entire time period, most with no roof/glass or anything to protect them from the elements. So rust may present in some of them if not all.

Although it’s a move in the right direction there also has been information that an unnamed party has filed a suit to stop the bankruptcy court selling off the shells which throws another baffling spanner in the works.

According to some forum posts, customers who have been defrauded out of their money have banded together via email to support each other, offering advice and support through the litigation and recovery of cars and monies. One such customer has said “I’m out as much money as a concourse correct KR Convert would sell today and I got off lightly. Some guys bought 2-3 cars.”

I’ll keep following the story.


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