My Lack Of Build Updates – It Will Get Better!

Eleanor Mustang GT500 Shelby Coming Soon

It is coming soon! I promise. I’ve been receiving a few comments and emails about the lack of updates on my build and believe me I know how you all feel. It’s burning me that I have no updates on my car to post but I want you to all know there are things going on behind the scenes.

First of all of the body work I posted about a few months back came at a cost. My builders did the work and the bill was handed to me once they had completed it all. This was a sum of just over $AUD10,000 so you can understand that I’ve been working my butt off trying to pay that off.

Good news is that will all be paid by the end of May! Hurray! So now I’m just waiting on the latest schedule from my builder to see where we go from there. I’m assuming it will be prepping for paint, interior or the RHD conversion.

So apologies for my lack of project updates, it takes time to raise 10k without bank loans (Not a fan of taking out too many loans). But I assure you when we get this bill out of the way and get stuck into it again the updates will be coming thick and fast!

If you can’t wait that long, as always I’m happy to take donations haha.

So hang in there guys, I’m feeling it as much as you are.

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