RRS Update – Dynacorn + RRS Right Hand Drive Kits


Many of my friendly readers have commented on the upcoming products and packages RRS has in the works, specifically the Dynacorn products so I thought I would follow it up and see what they had to offer. Unfortunately a lot is still in development but here is what we have to go on.

Apologies for my bad cut-and-paste.

RHD 1967/68 Mustang

body-shell and build kit



Body-shell comes with 2 doors and deck lid. The 1967 Replacement Body Shell does not come with side or quarter panel scoops or quarter panel extensions. All bodies are edp. coated but not painted.



Unit price



  1. Right Hand Drive 1967/68 Mustang body-shell
  2. Price including GST
  3. Plus freight from RRS Sydney Warehouse




  1. Build kit
  2. Price including GST
  3. Plus freight from RRS Sydney Warehouse



Prices may vary from time to time.


Terms of Payment: Full payment with order.
Delivery: approx 8 weeks from date of order.
All parts remain the property of RRS prior to full payment.

The $9,900 build kit includes a plethora of parts including; front stone guards, front valances’, fender braces, front fenders, shock towers, hood, grills, vents and vent assemblies, moldings, chrome parts, light buckets, light assemblies, lights and assorted trim. Virtually all you need to get you Mustang to showroom condition. Good value I think.

Another interesting note for Australians is all Engines installed into the RRS body kit must meet Australian emission controls ref IM240.

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