eBay Find: Original Gone In 60 Seconds Eleanor

1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor Movie Car CSV Bruckheimer Cover

It’s not too often one of these come up. It’s one of the original movie cars from the 2000 remake of Gone In 60 Seconds. 11 cars were constructed for Jerry Bruckheimer for use in the movie. Each was used for different purposes, some for close-ups and some with beefed up suspension for stunts.

Here’s the ebay ad:

The ORIGIONAL ELEANOR!!. This is one of the actual movie cars. To our knowledge there were 11 total production cars, of those , 8 were shells and 3 were actual running and driving cars. The 1967 Mustang GT500 stole the show in “Gone in Sixty Seconds,” the 2000 action hit starring Nicolas Cage.

The popular pony car is actually one of 11 built for the movie. Of those, two were destroyed in the climactic bridge jump and junkyard crusher scenes. Because certain cars were needed to do different maneuvers in the film, no two Eleanors were alike.

All the Eleanors only acted the role of being Shelbys while really they were modified Mustang fastbacks. And, although in “Gone” the car is supposed to be a four-on-the-floor, most of the Eleanors were automatics — because it’s easier to act and do stunts when you don’t have to manually shift gears. Dont miss this opportunity to add this to yor collection , call our sales team at 281-248-8400″

The car comes with a certificate of authenticity form Cinema Vehicle Services in California who supplied the cars for the movie.

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  1. Dave Tee says:

    I just posted Shelby just like this one here:



  2. ivan iturbe says:

    i really like the movie its my fav i like the car 2 its the best its all about ford baby yeah. i like mustangs their the best cars ever made.

  3. Vinay Singh says:

    is this one a manual, and how much would it cost in GBP, coz i want this!!!!

  4. CobraFreak says:

    sh*t da&m fu%k!!!!… nice ride… though it doesn’t fit in next to those lambos… too cool to be near them!

  5. CobraFeak says:

    even if that is a great find, and congrads to whoever won it, but the car doesn’t fit in with those farraris and lambo’s behind it. if had $1mil, i would buy an eleanor before i even went near a ferrari!

  6. Lisebeth says:

    The movie “gone in 60sek” is my favourite movie, just because of the star in the movie, Eleanor! I want a car just like that, one day…

  7. ricky says:

    wow thats a nice car

  8. austin says:

    this car is a god car i would do anything to ride in one. the elanor is my favourite car and i wat to find one and buy it and it will be garaged and only taken out for car shows

  9. george says:

    how can i get my hands on a car like this

  10. Mike Al says:

    @george, you can get the body shell that is for sell by ford now (i believe) and build it yourself from the ground up!!! that would be cool

  11. James Smith says:

    I had a real ’68 GT500 and it still didn’t look as cool as this one. It was probably faster than this imitation, though.

    I was once clocked on Radar by the Indiana State Police at 142 MPH. That was after I installed the front spoiler. Before that, the front end would start to lift at about 90, making it a bit unsafe at higher speeds.

    Picture at: http://i1181.photobucket.com/albums/x425/slrman/68Shelby_zps22103597.jpg

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