Getting Ready For Right Hand Drive – A Small Update

So last week I said things were starting to move along and the car was going in for it’s right hand drive conversion. News just in is that the body kit has almost been removed so she can go in for her conversion.

The kit was fully fitted but not glued on as it needs to be removed for easy access to the firewall for conversion. Now with it all fitting well it is removed so the final small things can be done before we go to paint.

Spoke to my builder, John, yesterday and he said “we are stripping the car for the conversion guys so it is almost back to a bare shell again. I am keeping the pressure on the conversion guys, I don’t want to miss out.”

It seems the conversion guys are really busy, so if we hold off we possibly may have to wait another month or two.

No pictures to update you all with, nothing new to show really. The story picture is of how she looked before the kit was fitted which is somewhat what she will look like now.

More to follow.

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