New Reproduction 1967/1968 A/C Register Kit

1967 Mustang AC Register Vent and Control Unit

It was just a matter of time before someone came out with a reproduction 1967 and 1968 A/C control unit and vents kit and i’ve just noticed Mustangs Unlimited now selling a brand new kit that boasts greater strength than the original.

Unfortunately for me you may remember last year I hunted down an original set a great cost that was going to be brought back up to new. Now i may just sell these and purchase this new reproduction kit. Here’s what Mustangs Unlimited is saying:

“Finally! An answer to the much needed, delicate 1967 air conditioning side vents. Visually these are very hard to tell apart from the originals but in functionally are much better. The originals were very prone to breaking and often when you close the door on your 1967 Mustang lower portion of the vent falls off. Because of it’s cast one piece design, this will not break and flex when you close your door. ”

The comes in at $295.95 and although the picture shows the left and right vents it doesn’t not show if you receive the center vent and assorted bits and pieces that are needed. Looks like I’ll be getting this kit as it saves a lot of hassle fixing my original kit that is standard and not deluxe like this new product.

I’ll let you know what the outcome is.

1967 Mustang AC Register Vent and Control Unit


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