The Bullitt Chase Sequence – Mapping In Real Time!

Bullitt_Real_time_mapping_Google_Maps_Chase_scene So you’ve all seen and memorised the famous car chase from the movie Bullitt, and we’ve all read about where the chase actually took place in San Francisco but now comes this nifty little page that lets you watch the chase while tracking the progress in real-time via Google Maps. Read on. Here’s what the creator had to say: “I’m a huge fan of ‘the king of cool’ and of all movie car-chase scenes. I thought it would be great to mashup famous chases with their GPS tracks. Keep in mind some of the chases cut from one place to another…so I tried to be as accurate as possible. Enjoy!” I think this is a top idea. Check out the Bullitt chase in real-time here! [iblogmustang] via [boingboing]]]>

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