Unique Performance: Hasty To Give His Side Of The Story Soon!

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Historically on this blog I have covered the negative aspect of what has happened to Unique Performance. Most of my posts have been based off media reports and personal accounts which I have trusted without a doubt. But as we all know there are two sides to every story and the Unique Performance story is one I would love to get the other side of.

Fortunately for us we may just get that chance. Unbeknown to most people in the Mustang community, Douglas Hasty himself has been posting on the highly respected Customfastbackca or Eleanor forums.

Now we cannot confirm 100% that the online identity is in fact Mr Hasty himself but such things as his phone number left in the posts have been verified by people who know Hasty.

Hasty, first commented in a thread that was originally discussing the shells sold at the Unique Performance auction. The discussion touched on many points but seemed to settle on discussions of where most of the money Unique Performance took for customers ended up.

Replying to one disgruntled forum member Hasty, under the online handle of ‘UMCARS’, gave a small insight into his side of the story.

“I would be happy to talk with you or your attorney anytime to fill in the details why Unique is closed. I have been investigated and can say that at no time has funds been transfered into any accounts for my benefit. There is a reason why Unique is closed that will come out shortly, however until then the likes of 67 Super Snake will continue to keep things stirred up. Call me anytime 972-877-XXXX Doug H.”

Since this comment we have all been eagerly anticipating Douglas’ side of the story and it seems it won’t be too long. This morning Hasty replied again, this time answering some questions that have been raised and reiterating the point that his side of the story is coming soon.

“Super Snakey,
My offer still stands. If you have a local attorney I would be happy to sit down with them and discuss. There’s nothing to fabricate, the facts are what they are.

67 SuperSnake,
I’m not blaming you for stirring things up. The media did a very good job of that, however moving money over to my mother, paying off house’s, that new to me……

…..For the record that seems to get buried, Unique had 125 employee’s and approx. 25 inmates that were skilled in their trade. The story will be out soon why Unique closed, it had nothing to do with the information that’s in the media and blog’s. I’ll post as soon as I can.

Have a great day.


I’ve contacted Mr Hasty for comment but am yet to receive anything back. In the meantime all we can do is wait for his side of the story. I’m sure it will be worth the read.


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