October Update: What’s Happening With My Eleanor

You’re all probably wondering what is going on with my project and I don’t blame you, it’s been quite some time since anything happened so here’s the latest.

The last time I gave an update I mentioned October was the month things should start happening as this was when I was receiving my loan. Well October is here and I have the money! I spoke with John last week about where we will invest the ten thousand I have but the news wasn’t so good.

“I have spoken to the converters about a week ago to find out when I can slot the old girl in.
Hopefully it will be soon, the dash was going to be done for me to pick up but they hadn’t finished it last week. Not having a very good time with them, but I can’t really do much as noone does a better job 🙁

Hold the money for now, I will let you know. There is still some finishing off to do with the kit so I don’t what any money going to the guys until they have done that.”

So there you have it. I’m holding on to the cash for now while the guys free up some time. They are quite busy down there. Last time i was there they had a shed full of Mustangs so i can’t imagine what work they have to do.

That wasn’t it. John gave me a run down of where we stand.

“My plan at this stage is:
The Green Bullit will be going for the interior fit up in a week or so, so it will be out of my hair for a few months. I have a little blue 67 coupe that needs to be put together for paint and of course Toby’s.

Toby’s is ready for paint but the paint shop is telling me another 2 weeks 🙁
So I feel like I am hitting my head against the wall. 😛

I will be putting the pressure on the converters starting tomorrow, I have two weeks off work and was hoping to be able to get started on a few other things but not the case, oh well.

Anyway, I will let you know. Hold tight just for now.”

So at least we know we have some work coming up which I’ll let you all know about as soon as it’s done.

Stay tuned.

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