Finding The Elusive Carroll Shelby Signature Gauges


It may sound like an absurd thing to say but I believe there was actuall a few good things to come from the company that was Unique Performance, mainly helping to commercialise the whole idea of Eleanor builds and also bringing a few new products to the market including Carrol Shelby Signature seats, Shelby Shifters, Pedals and of course the now very rare Carroll Shelby signature gauges.

To those who have had a close look at a Unique Performance car you will notice they had special Carroll Shelby Signature gauges, which also had a cobra logo and to my understanding were Autometer brand gauges, buti cannot confirm. Unique originally had these supplied by JME Products but later swapped to Classic Instruments out of Michigan after supposed issues with cracking in the JME products trim rings.

After the demise of the company an unknown bidder bought the entire left over stock of gauges at the Rosen Systems Unique Performance Auction.

Since then these gauge clusters have been rarer then hens teeth, but some have popped up on ebay and have sold for over $US1500 a pop!

What’s more it has been noticed that there are some variations meaning there is more than one company producing or having produced them. They’re probably keeping quiet due to liscening issues, who knows.

What is interesting is that last week I reported that Riley Performance and Kustom Classics are now liscended to produce the Shelby Continuation vehichles. Does this mean they will produce the guages as well? We can only wait and see. But a third company,, has come out this week saying “Just finished the deal with Shelby to make the original gauge cluster and the gt500e floor mats that were used in U/P cars.” but have only said they should be available “soon”.

Personally I would love a set of these but having forked out close to $1000 Australian dollars a few years back for Autometer metric gauges(that’s gauges showing Kilometres and Celsius, not Miles and Fahrenheit) I feel I would only be wasting my money.

Here’s a nice video of a nice Shelby signature cluster.

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    The gauges pictured there are the later model gauges and used by UP built by Classic Instruments. Through a business connection I should soon be able to offer the AUTOMETER Shelby Licensed signature gauges that were the original UP gauges. Anyone that has been in the automotive world knows that Autometer is synonomous with quality and performance. JME supplied their Aluminum gauge bezels for the G.T. 350 SRs but did not supply the gauges. There should be pics of the Autometer gauges in various areas on my website under Cars for Sale or in the Gallery.

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    Hey Revved, thanks for that update. Keep us posted on the gauges and ill post it up when they become available.

    Any chance of the Shelby Signature gauges in metric? lol we need a nice one in KPH and temps in Celsius :p

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    Sorry, no Metric gauges!! The licensing terms are VERY specific about what you can and can’t do. First test round has been ordered and we should have them for approval here soon! The Ebay link posted are the same ones shown above- Classic Instruments brand

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    Let me add to the above…. the Top picture you have posted there are the Autometer gauges the video is Classic Instruments. I work very closely with Mustang Pony Cars- Peter is a great guy and works hard to take care of his customers. He is manufacturer for the Shelby licensed armrests. I will be his US distribution point for the Shelby Licensed Autometer Gauges and floor mats. From my understanding we are the only ones using Autometer- the other companies are using Classic Instruments. I insist on Autometer gauges in the cars we build- the quality speaks for itself.


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