New Site, New Look, Same Mustang Goodness!


Notice anything different? I’ve finally managed to have the site upgraded to something a bit better looking and more manageable. It’s been a long time coming. Apart from the look the site now has better ways of managing images, posts and user comments which I’m sure all of you will notice.

The only down side I have found is that my past posts are having some compatibility issues. So if you come across screwed up writings, photos that are out of place, quotes that ruin the page and that sort of thing then please ignore them. I will endeavour to fix these up as I come across them but there are well over 200 posts on the site so as you can imagine this would take some time to go through all 200+ posts.

I’d like to thank ‘whoo’ so much for all the work, you are a genius and thank you so much. If you would like a site like this then contact whoo at

Enjoy the new site and thanks for visiting.

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