1. jakob says

    hi my name is jakob i come from switzerland, i am interested about your car tell me the price!!!

  2. Donald M. says

    Wow that is beautiful! That is my dream car, so do you give military discounts lol?

  3. Russon says

    I would happily sell my house for this car. Too bad my wife wouldnt be too happy 🙂

  4. says

    hi mate am multi millonaire and i am intrestd in ur vehicle is it posible u cud let me no the best price you are willing to sell your car for including importing it to the uk thanx

  5. Tom Sawyer says

    Damn son. Thats one nice car you got there kiddo. Do you mind selling it for an ideal price to a Vietnam Veteran?

  6. frank says

    thats the sickest car ive ever seen. its wayyyyyyyyy to expensive for me though i mean 250,000$. Dam im just a kid im looking for something some like 5,000$ but im probley not gonna get anything like that.

  7. justin says

    hi there mat6e can i have it today ok so i can turn it in to a streetracer i will give you 9,00000

  8. Nikola says

    Listen, man! If I was you I would never sell that car. I am from Serbia and I love mustangs but the “Elenaor” is something that I dream. I am just a kid but I know what I’m saying. You should not let your dream go!

  9. michael says

    hi i realy like ure car i’m restoring one right now but it’s a 65 how much for the car

  10. Luke says

    I am training to be a firefighter, so when i’m about 30, if i saved around £10,000 a year i would eventually get this car! I’m 17 now though! lol

  11. Tanner says

    I really doubt you’ll find anybody that would pay $250,000 for this car man.. i mean it’s nice and all but i would go ahead and get me a lamborghini for less than that matter of fact.

  12. peter says

    Your car is pristine – obviously you as a collector… don’t sell it… keep it and drive it every weekend.. it will add about 10 years to your life. Forget Ferrari this is the ultimate supercar

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