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  1. forrest says:

    nice car

  2. jack says:

    Hi its a realy nice car how much is it.

  3. jack says:

    Hi nice car how much is it

  4. Anthony says:

    Wow gorgeous car. How much is it?

  5. Cameron says:

    $250,000. I’ve just posted a new article about how you can purchase it.

  6. Ross84 says:

    My dream Baby… Whats the price??

  7. jakob says:

    hi my name is jakob i come from switzerland, i am interested about your car tell me the price!!!

  8. Donald M. says:

    Wow that is beautiful! That is my dream car, so do you give military discounts lol?

  9. tay says:

    thats nice as hell how much

  10. Russon says:

    I would happily sell my house for this car. Too bad my wife wouldnt be too happy :)

  11. pic says:

    i will buy this car, i live in uk so if i payed you 300,000 will you ship it

  12. hi mate am multi millonaire and i am intrestd in ur vehicle is it posible u cud let me no the best price you are willing to sell your car for including importing it to the uk thanx

  13. Dude this a nice car i really think you sell your at barrett jackson car auction this car can make some money bout 150’000

  14. Tom Sawyer says:

    Damn son. Thats one nice car you got there kiddo. Do you mind selling it for an ideal price to a Vietnam Veteran?

  15. frank says:

    thats the sickest car ive ever seen. its wayyyyyyyyy to expensive for me though i mean 250,000$. Dam im just a kid im looking for something some like 5,000$ but im probley not gonna get anything like that.

  16. justin says:

    hi thwere mate you have got a nice car can i buy it from you please

  17. justin says:

    hi there mat6e can i have it today ok so i can turn it in to a streetracer i will give you 9,00000

  18. cory says:

    I WILL GIVE YOU 1,750.00 for that car right now just tell me wear you want the money

  19. Nikola says:

    Listen, man! If I was you I would never sell that car. I am from Serbia and I love mustangs but the “Elenaor” is something that I dream. I am just a kid but I know what I’m saying. You should not let your dream go!

  20. todd says:

    i relly like this car man

  21. says:

    hi their any chance of some more photo’s posted up?

  22. michael says:

    hi i realy like ure car i’m restoring one right now but it’s a 65 how much for the car

  23. Luke says:

    I am training to be a firefighter, so when i’m about 30, if i saved around £10,000 a year i would eventually get this car! I’m 17 now though! lol

  24. Tanner says:

    I really doubt you’ll find anybody that would pay $250,000 for this car man.. i mean it’s nice and all but i would go ahead and get me a lamborghini for less than that matter of fact.

  25. peter says:

    Your car is pristine – obviously you as a collector… don’t sell it… keep it and drive it every weekend.. it will add about 10 years to your life. Forget Ferrari this is the ultimate supercar

  26. Nathan says:

    does it have shelbys signiture like some others ive seen

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