Toby’s Paint Update: Paint And Stripes Laid Down


Great progress this week for Toby’s car with the some nice confirmation pictures that show the paint laid down along with the main stripes and side stripes.

Last we heard was the car was prepped and ready for paint. But a few weeks have passed and she’s just about out of the paint booth and ready for the final fit up.

I will be taking a little road trip next weekend to meetup with John about my car. Hopefully Toby’s car will be there. As for other cars. I’m told the Bullitt replica will be there receiving it’s final fitout. I don’t think my old girl will be there, she’s getting finishing touches on the body work before paint.

Stay tuned in the next week or so for some photos and videos. If all goes well I’ll take quite a few as I’ll be there in person for once.

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