eBay Find: Sonny & Cher One-Off 1966 Ford Mustangs


I must have missed these the first time around, then again maybe have seen these and just chose not to acknowledge them but back in 1966 George Barris was commissioned to create these custom convertible Mustangs for Sonny and Cher. A promotion with the hottest car around for one of the hottest acts around.

Over at Jalopnik they tell us the cars, “from a sheetmetal perspective, are basically identically modified. Each gets a twin grille, Frenched Thunderbird tail lights, relocated and flush-mounted door handles, rolled and flared fenders, faux hood scoops and 40 coats of hippy-tastic paint. Each was a 289 car with the automatic transmission, but there the similarities end. Inside, the “Sonny” car has some nasty shag “Bobcat fur,” antique leather and funky suede. Cher’s car got Ermine fur and Scottish leather upholstery, trimmed in pink suede, oh and a white fur trunk.”

Apparently these cars have been doing the rounds at the auction houses and just keep popping up. This time on ebay for a tidy £270,000 (around $US450,000). I’m just going to come out and say it, these things are damn ugly. Though maybe back then i would be drooling all over them, then again maybe not.


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