VIDEO: Small Tour Of Cinema Vehicle Services With Very Excited Host

Fiesto Girl CVS Elenaor

So I had to think for a little while on about if i wanted to post this or not. I decided to because it does involve Eleanor, specifically one of the movie cars, and as most people are still away on holidays (including me). So what were the cons I hear you ask? Well the woman in the video is rather annoying! (But easy on the eye I might add) But I’m sure you can put up with her until Eleanor shows her face.

To get straight to the business skip to 2:30. That’s really all you need to know.

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  1. Tastybonus says


    Is it just me or do you find as well that no body kit is as good as the one on the true eleanor ?
    The main thing is the hood. The edge (the lip) of the hood seem a lot sharper, facing more upward giving it a much meaner look than most body kit, including the one Toby’s eleanor has got from the recent picture I have seen on your blog.
    If you look on the video above, when the camera is facing the front of the car, the lip of the hood follows a curved line for the very edges of the car making it nice and continuous. Whereas on Toby’s for example (but others are the same), the hood is actually pretty much a flat straight line, braking that curved line including the fenders.

    I hope it makes sense. Get back to me, I’d be curious to see what you think.
    In my opinion, it may seem lie a little detail, but I find it makes the whole difference.

  2. Tastybonus says

    Oh and yes, she is definitly the most annoying girl i’ve seen on TV for a long while !!

  3. Thomo says

    To be honest what a dissapointing video.Not even a minute on her(Eleanor).And the most annoying chick on tv ive ever seen.You just want to knock her out

  4. says

    Tastybonus: Apologies for my late reply. I’ve been overseas for the last few weeks. I do see what you mean about the body kit. But what i think it comes down to is a combination of the kits themselves and the kit fitting or even the condition of the car itself. As you know no two kits will fit the same and no two cars are perfectly the same.

    As for the movie cars they used the CVS kit which is no longer made. Since then many other kits have been made by either moulding from the CVS or starting fresh, so you will loose the precise look of the original I would say.

    That’s just my opinion though. Only really visible to the trained keen eye such as ourselves :p haha

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