1. Saeed Leylaz says

    She‘s extremely beautiful!!!
    Oh! My God, my dream car!!
    Ultimate choice!
    Very nice color.
    I love her so much.
    And hope to seize like she, some day.

  2. Al Nowell says

    1st time I seen a Shelby mustang 1967..I lived in same neighborhood where many of Motown talent of the miracles lived down the street..he owned a 1967 gt500..Shelby green..I’m around 12yrs old..I’m sitting on my pouch steps and watch and listen to that he drove by..and man!..I fell n love with mustang until this day..even bought 2 over the years..72, 351c 2dr..2000 gt convertible 5speed..but could never get the boss. cobras or Shelby..but yes..if I had the money I will buy it and give it to my son..after he graduate from college..but man…what a beautiful machine!

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