Introducing The All New Toyota Eleanor Twin-Turbo

toyota eleanor suppra cover

Well times are slow over here in Australia regarding updates of all the cars I’m following (including my own) so I thought I’d share some Eleanor related humour that, quite frankly, is disturbing. I present to you the Toyota Twin Turbo Eleanor Supra!

At this years Tokyo Auto Salon students from Japan’s Saitama University’s automotive course presented their, errm, version of Eleanor based around a fourth generation (1993-2002) Toyota Supra sports coupe. It’s been dubbed the “Moto Supra”

This version brings all the memories flooding back of the Sierra Based Eleanor we saw a few years back and that Smat car version.

Whatever their reasoning I do thank them for putting a smile on my face as I’m sure it has to you too.

Photos courtesy of Carscoop and Eleanor Forums

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